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One of your most valuable corporate assets is information, and protecting and securing data access is vital to conducting business in today’s knowledge-based economy.

With evolving threats to intellectual property security and information expanding at an increasing rate, there is no single solution to mitigate these ever-changing risks. Rather than attempting to force a single solution, security is best achieved through a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s technical, procedural, policy, legal, regulatory and management requirements and then architecting and implementing solutions that meet your needs.

IdentIT Inc. specializes in strong security-related services and solutions, with the majority of our practice focused on digital security, identity management and access authorization, digital rights management, and secure remote access solutions.

IdentIT Inc. offers ILM 2007 Certificate Management Training

IdentIT Inc. is pleased to offer private, dedicated training on ILM 2007 Certificate Management. 

IdentIT Inc. announced as Systems Integrator for Certificate Lifecycle Manager

Microsoft announced IdentIT Inc. as one of the first systems integrators for Certificate Lifecycle Manager. Details are available at the Microsoft CLM Web portal.